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GRD Informatics sources a wide range of components at the best possible price to you.

GRD Informatics offers affordable and powerfull custom built computer systems. It doesn't matter if you are a profesional or a gamer, we can design a system that will perfectly match your needs.

Custom build systems, systems build from seperate components vs a complete box at a retail store offer numerous advantages. The biggest advantage is upgradability. Even though most major brands market their systems as upgradable, adding memory is about the extent of most of those Action Computer Service.

We solve computer problems And provide computer solutions for home and office problems to individuals and small businesses.

The Main concerns that we encounter are: Networking, antivirus, and backup, followed by equipment failures, upgrades, and equipment not performing as expected. Productivity is the main concern. Computers need to be up and running, they need access to servers, each other, printers, and the Internet, and they need to be working as fast as possible and problem free.

Our expertise in the following areas enable me to keep your home and office computers productive and running smoothly.

Networking Wired and Wireless

Repair and replace malfunctioning computer parts

Recover Data from damaged hard drives

Restore Operating Systems, and Applications

Optimize Computers Operating System and Hard Drives

Upgrading Hardware and Software

Hardware: New computers configured to you your specs with recommendations Upgrades of current hardware:

Hard drives

Motherboards and CPU





Power supplies

Cooling fans




CD ROM, CD Write

Tape Backup

Removable Drives, Removable Hard Drives

Networking:Installing, Setting up, Planning,Equipment

Routers, Hubs, Switches,Sonicwall, Cisco, Linksys, Dlink, SMC, Wiring,Cat 5, Routers, Adapters, Bridges, antenna, Repeaters, Access Points

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