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Annual Maintenance Contract

Dear Sir

At the outset, we express our heartfelt thanks for the courtesy extended to us when we called on you at your office. And had subsequent discussion with you on the subject matter.

ANNUAL MAINTENCE CONTRACT—An alternative life to computers in terms of cost & performance

We in this field always suggest the clients to have A.M.C., eventhough most of the computers irrespective of brand o assembled system are manufactured with highest quality standard. The computers being electronic equipment may require periodic maintenance and replacement of defective parts incase of breakdown if necessary.

On occasions such repairs we undertake on Call basis and the cost of the repair includes service charges, conveyance and cost of the spare Parts if necessary. Besides; it is absolutely difficult to bear the cost of the high value parts like Motherboard, Hard disk, CPU. Etc.

The expenses may go up if the number of breakdown calls As well as the no. Units are more.

There is one more reason wherein the AMC has advantage over PER CALL BASIS if no. Of Units are more is that – The service provider (i.e. we) has greater responsibility & commitment to offer the service to the client.

GRD is a team known for its Excellency. We have a team of 05 engineers who are fully equipped with all the knowledge and meet the challenges and live upto your fullest satisfaction.

GRD identify the areas of dark and try our level best to give permanent solution and in toto we are not just engineers but a vision to look forward in the field of customer support.

With a view to serve our valued customer better & more economically, we have designed a “COMPREHENSIVE AMC” which have following salient features: -

1] The duration of the comprehensive AMC will be for 12 months.

2] During the contract period all the breakdown calls will be attended free of Cost. We support all the software problems related to ‘windows 95/windows NT, office 97,windows 3.1, Novell NetWare & etc. However we may not extended our support for any custom built or special softwares if any.

We also extend our support in case of any virus attack by using latest Antivirus software

3] This contract includes replacement of all the spare parts except plastic parts, printer head & consumables.

4] In case of DOT MATRIX PRINTERS there is a special option wherein the AMC is available with the inclusion of PrinterHead as well without Printer Head.

5] RESPONSE TIME: We assure you that all the breakdown calls will be attended Within 04 HRS. after the registration of the complaint.

6] DOWN TIME: We assure that all the registered breakdown calls will be attended & completed within 24 HRS. In case of major technical snag in the system we will inform you in advance and also the tentative time for completion of the work and time of delivery.

7] STAND BY: We may provide stand-by if the situation demands & depending upon the availability/ exigencies.

8] All the systems/Printers should be in working condition before entering into the contract. The non-working systems will be included in the contract after necessary repair, which will be done on Per- call basis.

9] PM CALLS: There will be four preventive maintenance calls (once in three months) during the contract period. In case if the breakdown occurs when the P.M. is due both will be done together.

10] If a particular spare parts is not available either with the OEM’s or in the market or in our inventory then we will arrange the upgraded version of the same spare parts with extra cost. However we will try our level best to avoid such Situation & we highly appreciate your co-operation during such circumstances

10] PAYMENT: In general we take 100 % advance & balance after 6 month.

11] AGREEMENT FORM: This contract will be executed based on the agreement signed between GRD INFORMATICS & the customer

12] We provide resident engineer if the no. Of units are more with extra cost.

We hope the above points will give the required information about ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT

We kindly request you to provide us the configuration details of systems, peripherals, your network details so that we can forward our offer to proceed further on the above subject matter.

With greetings and hoping to look forward your favorable reply.

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